33 Scientific things I learned from the movies

33 Scientific things I learned from the movies

1. All telephone numbers in the United States starting with the digits 555.2. No matter how badly damaged the spacecraft, its internal gravity system is never damaged.3. All speak English, no matter where they come from. Even aliens from outer space, despite the fact that he had never been in the world and, accordingly, have not heard of the world or earthy.4. When you turn out the light to go to bed, everything in your room is well visible, but in a slightly bluish color.5. All computer drives work on all computers, regardless of the software.6. TV news tend to transmit release that affects you personally at the precise moment when you turn on the TV.7. Immediate family members do not like each other, or have a passing resemblance.8. No matter how fuzzy picture, you can zoom in and see every detail.9. Even among themselves, all foreigners prefer to speak English.10. All writers – rich, all publishing companies – glamorous, all the artists have large attractive well-lit studio on the top floor.11. If the expert makes a prediction and did not believe him – all come to pass exactly as he predicted. If you believe – it will never happen.12. Most laptops – powerful enough to take over the communication systems of any hostile alien civilizations.13. In the kitchens there is no light, so if you go into the kitchen at night, you will have to open the refrigerator and use it for lighting.14. The ventilation system of any building – the ultimate escape. No one would think to look for you there, and you can safely get through it to any point in the building.15. All bombs are built electronic counters the time with a big red scoreboard, so you always know exactly when they will explode.16. All beds have special blankets, with an L-shape to cover the woman up to the shoulders, and the man next to her only from the waist up.17. The hero of the film is extremely fast typing, and never use a key “gap”.18. The lipstick will never rub off, even if you’re scuba diving.19. If the film has a supporting character and a dark basement, which is not included, this figure certainly will go there to ask it a stupid question, “Who’s there?” And get to the head.20. If you are good-looking blonde, then most likely, you will become a global expert on nuclear weapons at the age of 22 years.21. If you are driving on a perfectly straight road, you just need to turn the steering wheel sharply to the left to right every few seconds.22. If something emits radiation, it certainly is green.23. The villains have the evil face that they should arrest only in appearance.24. The cough is usually a symptom of an incurable disease.25. When paid the taxi driver, do not look in the wallet – take random and give. Always will be required sum.26. Any lock can be opened in seconds by credit card or a paper clip, if it is not the door to a burning building, where there is a child.27. Any computer boot no more than 2 seconds.28. Any person waking up from a nightmare, sharply sits down and begins to breathe heavily.29. Being in a haunted house, women should investigate any strange noises source, wearing his most candid underwear.30. It makes no difference how many enemies you have to fight, if you’re using a martial arts technique. Your enemies will wait patiently, dancing around, while you do not send them all one by one in a knockout.31. There is never any problem parking to fit your institution.32. Newborn babies are able to babble, roll yourself and keep your head.33. A single match is enough to light up a room the size of a stadium.

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