40 World Resources free online Science education

40 World Resources free online Science education

1. UMass Boston Open Courseware

Free courses in psychology, biology, political science, history, mathematics, and a variety of humanities disciplines with access to the list of lessons, recommended literature. The drawback: it is not a resource of the video or presentation on the results set out in the framework of lectures.
2. Khan Academy

A huge database of video lessons in more than 20 languages, all courses are divided into separate classes with the ability to view each video no matter what course you choose. The main emphasis is on video as a means of providing information, reading materials here.

3. MIT Open Courseware

To get to this institution, people from around the world spend a lot of money and effort. However, there are available and free courses. The material is available for download with an indication of the structure and duration of the course. Perfect for those who want to try themselves in the field of engineering and applied sciences, and is not averse to engage in intensive self-education.

4. MITRussian Institute. MIT today – a leader of distance education to teachingIt attracted more than 150 professionals, including 117 with advanced degrees.Unlike other resources this charge, but before April 10, you can get a good discount to education and to receive a free English course and Wi-Fi for free.

5. Learning Space: The Open University

All materials are divided by age and thematic groups, lecture material can be downloaded from the website to your computer, and the subject matter of the courses offered is wide enough.

6. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative

Here, for access to the nature of the training will have to create an account on the site. It is assumed that the user is exploring the material on their own, there is no tuition fee, but no trainers / teachers and exams that they need to take.

7. Tufts Open Courseware

On this website, registration is not necessary, lecture material is available in slide format.

8. Stanford iTunes U

A wide range of video and lectures from Stanford University. For training you will need to account when iTunes and appropriate software.

Other courses with the ability to view free / download the lecture content and self:

1. Utah State Open Courseware2. Kutztown On-Demand Online Learning3. USQ Australia Open Courseware4. University of California Irvine Courseware5. EdX6. Coursera7. Udemy8. Connections Academy9. K-1210. GED for Free11. Free World U12. CosmoLearning13. OpenCulture14. New York University15. Open Yale Courses16. Gresham College17. Notre Dame Open Courseware18. JHSPHOpen19. Open UW20. Udacity21. University of the People22. Academic Earth23. Textbook Revolution24. The Library of Congress Files25. Alison26. Webcast Berkeley27. GCF LearnFree28. Google Code University29. e-Learning Center30. Saylor31. Master Class Management32. Brigham Young Free Online Courseware33. University of Michigan Open34. NLC Open Learning Courses35. FlexiLearn36. Nixty37. Capilano University38. TU Delft39. United Nations University40. Weber State University

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