A model of the universe to reverse the course of time span

A model of the universe to reverse the course of time span

Theoretical physicists Alan Guth (which is one of the founders of the inflationary model of the universe) and Sean Carroll of the Massachusetts and California Institute of Technology, respectively, proposed a model of the world in which time flows backwards. This was reported by Daily Mail.
Scientists on a simple model describe possible alternative universe in which the future and the past are reversed. In its work, physicists used a thermodynamic understanding of the arrow of time, emphasizing the inequality of the past and the future.

According to this concept, the direction of the flow of time in the system coincides with the increase in entropy (the transition from a system to a less ordered state). For example, it is practically impossible after mixing coffee and milk in the cup to return the system to its original state.
In their work, scientists are interested in the question of why the entropy of the universe must be low at the moment of the Big Bang (the beginning of the life-time of reference of the observable world). To do this, Guth and Carroll reviewed the system consisting of a limited cloud particles having an arbitrary speed.
Scientists have traced the evolution of the world in infinite space and time (infinite universe). It turned out that arbitrary initial conditions lead to the fact that half of the particles began to spread beyond the clouds, thus increasing the entropy of the system.
The other half, on the contrary, seek to become the center of the cloud, which means a decrease in entropy. After the center of the cloud, the particles began just like the first, to spread outside the original area occupied by the cloud space, which increases the entropy of the system.
Scientists have noted that the total increase in the entropy of the two clouds occur even if the direction of the flow of time to turn in the opposite direction, since all particles eventually leave them outside originally occupied by clouds.
In the considered direction of time physicists system was formed by accident. This is confirmed by the formal independence of the equations of physics from the direction of time. Zero entropy corresponds to the initial time, after which the system evolves in the past or the future.
Scientists do not know what happens in the particle system, where there is no specific direction arrow of time (between the center and the outside of the cloud). Model scientists supports the existence of the multiverse, in which each of the worlds may have different directions of flow of time.

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