Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket makes third fueled landing

Blue Origin’s New Shepherd rocket makes third fueled landing 

Blue Origin pulled off a spaceflight cap trap today as its New Shepherd rocket finished its third fueled landing. In a progression of tweets, organization author and CEO Jeff Bezos affirmed the third flight of the reusable supporter from its test site in Texas. The rocket traveled to an elevation of 3,600 ft before discharging its unmanned Crew Capsule, which came back to Earth utilizing parachutes. 
Today’s flight denote the third time in succession that the same New Shepherd rocket has flown, then made a controlled landing. As indicated by Bezos, the low height flight was intended to test the capacity of the motors to restart rapidly and at high push. Inability to do as such would have brought about a ground sway inside of six seconds.

Bezos included that the flight incorporated a test of an enhanced calculation for the Reaction Control System (RCS), which directs the Crew Capsule after partition. In his tweets, he said that the Blue Shepherd performed “perfectly” and that the case parachutes sent appropriately and cut the specialty down safely.Inside the Crew Capsule were two zero gravity tests from the Southwest Research Institute and the University of Central Florida. The previous gave the Box Of Rocks Experiment (BORE), which watched how rough soil on space rocks may perform, while the last made the Collisions Into Dust Experiment (COLLIDE) that is expected to consider the effects of items on dust in low gravity. 
Blue Origin says that the flight was recorded by airborne automatons and that the organization will give recordings of the occasion once they’ve been handled. 
The two recordings beneath blueprint the flight tests

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