Conceptual futurology

Conceptual futurology

For any doctrine or ideological system the final criterion of its usefulness is crisp and clear image of the ideal future. If this or that theory is able to give answers to the questions of civilizational scale proposed project a development path for many centuries ahead, denoting not only utopian goals and the ideal condition, but the ways to achieve them, it is only a theory and may be called socio-political doctrine. If the idea of ​​blind to distant future, does not see it and do not even consider it necessary to describe the people of today the possibility of making the face of humanity, such a theory can not claim the status of ideological concepts.

The idea of ​​the third way though is highly variable in its practical implementation, hypothetical directions that embody it in life a lot, and yet, in the foundation of an appropriate set of beliefs based on the principle of natural, harmonious and perverted human development at all levels of life. Nature and harmony suggest following the natural order of things inherent in our “genetic”. It does not refer to the law of the jungle, it is important in itself a natural law of life organization. In some cases, this may be the law of the jungle, but in regard to human acts have a law, prompting an increase in spirit and warning of its excessive degradation.

All the world’s scientists describe the cyclical nature of civilization – the highest highs replaced the deepest downs. This can be explained by a variety of geological or more large-scale cosmic cycles, it affects the entire earthly life. The current state of humanity, our state of mind, attitude, intellectual capacity – is not spontaneous or whatever, and the derivatives of some larger, yet unknown to us phenomena. The most systematic and detailed all of these processes are described in the Vedic teachings – modern Hinduism and Buddhism. According to these religious systems, human consciousness itself changes its qualities during one complete cycle of evolution. Initially, the man is on top of some spiritual, his eyes open the entire universe and is available a clear vision of an ideal world order. In this state, people and the whole civilization do not fall into any error, there is no conflict or disagreement, because everyone can see the same ideal law. Human consciousness and even lived in the material body, but are in some kind of union with the universe, with all the higher spaces, and the Supreme Being. Over time, this union is waning, people’s minds are darkened, they are deprived of ideal images that are seen before. Accordingly, it degrades the whole civilization washed away orders, perverted laws. Humanity has reached the spiritual bottom limit of its isolation from the whole earth-consciousness Consciousness of the Universe. After overcoming this hole starts the reverse process – a new dawn and a new ascent to spiritual heights.

Since the era of Antiquity clearly seen rising dynamics of civilizational development. Globally I millennium BC It called axial time, because in this period in cultural centers around the world are born great prophets, and formed the basic religious and philosophical doctrines, and based on which the entire modern civilization. Thus, we can assume that the “spiritual bottom” in an arc of human evolution passed, and we have come to expect a still higher level of development, not only in technology but also in the mental-spiritual plane, ie, will be achieved new status of individual and collective consciousness. How will this future world, we can only speculate. However, the same basic spiritual qualities of humanity on the top of the arc of evolution stages are marked in all major religious systems. And not only them, herald a bright future can be called Russian philosophy of unity that emerged in the late 19th century. Author of the concept described is not practical and not the external features and spiritual way of the future humanity spirit – “integral knowledge”. The terminology of this teaching quite naive, but at that time it could not be otherwise.

Theorists trace certain stages in the development of collective knowledge – from the mythological, which is very primitive and archaic, then it is replaced by religious, and after him – a modern scientific rationalism. We are living at the present time, we see the world very differently than our ancestors, we perceive it in different semantic categories. Humanity has matured, and for today’s generations of religious faith gave way to knowledge, including religious knowledge. Despite the possible commitment to a particular faith, the modern developed people simply can not conceive the world in mythological or religious images, because people today have a completely different perception of reality. We think on the basis of the position of scientific rationality and naive religious faith is also adjusted, moving away from the primitive and literal meanings. The biblical texts present an adequate believer begins to understand how some spiritual ideas to help you in real life, but not with pressing it. If today we are guided primarily rational knowledge, the last people perceived the world entirely in images of the myth or doctrine. Accordingly, in the future we can expect a new and even higher level of perception of the world, and is already exceeding scientific rationalism. It is a new situation and called integral knowledge – a kind of harmonious synthesis of religion, science and philosophy.

On the basis of the Vedic teachings, the cyclical nature of evolution can be understood as a projection of a certain universal existential principle of day and night (summer and winter, wakefulness and sleep). The universe is infinitely varied, but at every level of life beings live within your own world. They may be blind to the vision of wholeness, but they can also contemplate it in its entirety, to understand themselves part of it, to see the whole hierarchy of the Universe. An endless series of blindness and insight just change its evolutionary cycles. On the spiritual peak of the whole universe is open to us, we are not limited by their vision, we recognize ourselves as part of the whole, blissfully union with the whole consciousness – merging their qualities to the Absolute, they themselves are aware of the current level of reality. But at the stage of spiritual pit, our consciousness is obscured, loses clarity, remains as if in the night, when the review is very limited. The “day era” humanity finds its ideal does not tolerate any lawlessness, each individual becomes a projection of God. But in the era of the great nights our consciousness is removed from the whole, being able to contemplate only himself and his limited world.

Thus, this principle of evolutionary development of today’s humanity closer to the beginning of a new dawn, when the civilization again reveals their collective consciousness towards the ultimate reality, and will gain a clearer vision of the scale of the Universe. The Vedic teachings state of blissful unity of the lower with the higher beings, and with the whole consciousness, ie with the absolute God, called PIE term “rasa” – the unity of creative emotions and qualities. From “race” probably is derived the word “dawn”, and a whole load of semantic prefix “distribution.” It is this understanding of race is likely old Aryan, fixed and Hinduism, but the race, the human phenotype – it may have a later simplification of the ancient term. The texts of the Rig Veda does not mention the various human races in the form as we know them today. Race the ancient only one – the Aryan race, all other tribes – the savages. This term is used not only as ethnicity, but also as a spiritual identity. Race – the human race who is in communion with the gods; tribes reveal a higher light, enjoy the feeling of divinity. Race – this is the spiritual property that state of blissful union with the whole mind, and at the same time a generic macro-community, which has a clear ethnic identity and living in the upper regions of the earth. Not all people can attain the state of race, and only the highest, ie head of humanity. Self-awareness is revealed in the whole head, and hence the race – is the head of the world.

If you follow the logic of the cycle, the era of Russia will be anticipating the era of race – the society of the distant past and the near future at the same time. Most of Russia implements the idea of ​​blood and soil, ie, It brings together people from his native land, forming their indissoluble unity. Russia is inconceivable without its people, and the people is inconceivable without their native land. It is the people and his land in communion with each other. But Race reveals a super-consciousness – Spirit, and thus is a more than a high idea – Blood-Spirit-soil. Race – it awakened a great Russia, have entered the era of the Dawn. Similar images very clearly correlated with the Orthodox idea of ​​Holy Russia, except for the fact that the Orthodox view is very limited because it portrayed the religious consciousness. Those. believers see Holy Russia is very vague, without specifics, based on a much more primitive state of mind, than that which has been called the Russian philosophy of integral knowledge. Race like sverhobschnost Praying to God does not surrender, because the race – is in some sense is God. People do not go to the future era temples and do not need a church ceremonies, because the race, opening a Supreme Spirit, it becomes like a single temple, where all the people blissfully united with the highest integrity. But the church is not a church or a chapel and a temple of truth, knowledge superpower and sverhvoli, spiritual and physical beauty, completeness and clarity of consciousness. All religious practices in this new society researched and take shape the spiritual and scientific technologies, ie, rational knowledge about the actual action of the Spirit.

Race – is the embodiment of the legendary northern country blessed, righteous dominating inferior peoples, ancient abode of white humanity. Generations Race not need to believe in God, but they know it in ourselves. Naive faith is present in children and the fainthearted, but matured become conscious – gain knowledge and wisdom. Generations Races overcome all the contradictions between religion, science and philosophy – their vision of the world integrally and comprehensively. And also to overcome the conflicts between different religions, because religion is no longer the idea as unnecessary. Religions scheduled to combine the lower to the higher, but the race of his being already combines land, the people living on it, and the Supreme Spirit, is filled with people. Although the society Race religion in their current understanding did not confess, they nevertheless are granted lower, each nation is determined by its southern religious path. And their “way to God” so is that other, as “the way” inferior people to race, ie the way grassroots relationship with the ruling Peoples.

Generations Moscow gradually go away, and finally undo generations of race, only then will it be able to prevail in its entirety. Spiritual and mental state of this new society is radically different. No lies and hypocrisy, no distortions and mangling the truth, withering national purity in multicultural swamps or chaos, no disfigurement of human nature – nothing of the sort in the new awakened Russia will not be the place. She already produces generations that disgusting old dirty world, like staying in darkness. Night era in the arcuate evolutionary cycle lasts for thousands of years. Mankind is so accustomed to this darkness that the light of day terrifies people. Day bares all dirt, denounces and makes explicit all the crimes become visible to all the abominations. This frightens those who betrayed outrages, and used to be the norm his mental deformity. With the coming of the Day of dirty and disgusting no longer be able to hide, as will be clear and obvious.

You may notice a very clear phenomenon – only worth disappear enslaving the Soviet ideology as Russia immediately begins to generate new free generation, which is light and the true order of life; Dawn generation – this is the first awake, anticipating the era of race; Dawn of the great armies, still merciless to a dark world filled with lust and cleanse it of all accumulated dirt. Older generations are pleasant ugliness, they are ordinary lies and hypocrisy, lust vile and worthless, they are tolerant to the perversions of the world, to crimes and humbled the truth. But generation Races honor only truth, the perfect law, the purity of human nature, they consider the norm perfection and likeness of man. The normal person who is moving on the path of becoming a god. But one who is content with their insignificance, the insane, and not worthy of existence.
This is the natural course of human evolution, and here there is nothing to invent all sorts of utopian projects. “Host Dawn” will gain the greatest strength with increasing Dawn, nobody can resist and obstruct this process, because living in the darkness of the great void before approaching a new era. While Dawn hardly manifests itself, and only begins to dispel the darkness, liars and hypocrites continue their empty and meaningless demagoguery, and the fools who want to delight their ear chatter, continue to listen to them. But every day this lowly beings increasingly difficult to imagine yourself great, because the earth is illuminated stronger and light exposes their moral insignificance.
Race does not live consumption and creation and dedication; thirst for truth and new knowledge, rather than the primitive lust for pleasure. Instead degenerative talk shows attracted worldwide attention passionate debates sages and scholars. Instead of wasting time on empty and Recreation, people devote themselves Races creativity, education, civil service, the arts and sciences. Every child – a minor genius, everyone has to achieve more at school, the entire organizational system stimulates the person to the disclosure and the realization of his abilities. Knowledge and technology are distributed freely and in harmony with man and nature. The economic sphere and businesses do not enslave people and not subordinate them to their greedy interests and serve man, being a tool in his creative activity.
Race to adopt the world’s millennial empire. It will open the eyes of all the peoples of white, which is scheduled to rule inspire their way of the new world, they will return the global thirst for expansion and global construction, set them free from dirt and confusion, each will give a unique opportunity to see their destiny. And those people who are scheduled to submit to higher – obey and follow. No one in the world to not dare to violate the order established by race, because he is perfect and goodness for all, regardless of habitat. For some, the benefit to the rule and to other subordinate – in the true fabric of life in this perfect integrity of any living being.
The greatest being able to create the greatest worlds only one movement of his thought. And each particular world – this is a small step in the ascent to the absolute. All the fuss imperfect world there is a path from insignificance to greatness. But are these the right way only those who should be the ideal law and true order, who are willing to live and die not for himself but for the triumph of truth – of right and perfect – in their personal qualities in the family, in society and in the state and around world.
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