D-Day: Alexander Rommel machines on the uprising

D-Day: Alexander Rommel machines on the uprising

Despair … It is experienced truckers learned that no one, however, did not want to abolish the system of toll, which is called “Plato”. Since different regions of the working people who earn their bread at the wheel of days and nights on the span, they begin to gather in Moscow, in order to achieve justice. They do not watch TV, because most of its life in the cockpit, so the credibility of the government have fallen very quickly. Now they – their rulers, and the rulers of the fate of an entire people. After all, if they win, then the rest of the nation is an example of the victory over the corrupt state machine.

The root of the problem lies in the recently adopted new collection, which transit through Igor Rotenberg (son of an oligarch and friend of Vladimir Putin), is held in the state treasury. However, knowing the name of someone without competition won a tender for “Platon” (Rotenbregov family – one of the richest and most powerful in Russia), it is safe to say that this tax will go not to the treasury, but in the pocket. Authors of the idea of ​​this gathering said and continue to say that in all European countries, this system exists and indemnify. And indeed it is. However, before entering the collection, the same Germany has been testing this system 5 years on a huge number of machines. And how many trucks were tested “Plato”? On two!

In addition to this, the Russian freight carriers must continue to pay motor vehicle tax and excise duty on fuel. As a result, with the “Plato” they begin to pay in fact another transport fee, operating at a loss. And the fees are not for quality highways, both in Europe and beyond the broken line, the budget for the renovation / construction of an ever stolen.

It adds fuel to the fire and the system of payment, which is made on the basis of performance vehicles with more mileage. Counter “Plato” Company Rothenberg – RT-Transportation Systems has released about 250 000, and carriers – more than 1.5 million. Put counters could afford only large transport companies and private entrepreneurs began to receive constant receipt of fines, the amount calculated in hundreds of thousands of rubles! Truckers broke and rebelled.

They have repeatedly warned the authorities that do not survive for a long time that the growth of transportation costs will increase the price of everything, and it touches everyone. They signed petitions, organized protests and pickets in their cities, were asked to consider the country’s leadership. They had not heard, hinting at the fact that the authorities workaholic – a second-class citizens. They began to travel to Moscow.

On the morning of December 4 Moscow 2 formed the focus of protest – in the north it was Khimki, in the south – Lyubertsy. However, during the day the southern group resolved. The reason for that was an appeal to the chairman of the trade union truckers Alexander Kotov, who for the second time called on to disperse the strikers, “to save power.” The protest initially scheduled for 30 November, and then it was moved to December 3, then at the 4th. Now, Kotov said that action will be 6th. But will it? Organization Mr. Kotov includes FITUR – pro-Putin association of trade unions, and none of the prime drivers of his leader does not think many of Lyubertsy Khimki went to the – to the Mega shopping center parking lot, which has become an island of the struggle for justice. More here since last night gathers people who help truckers, they can. That is the moral support of the people they need right now!

In addition, trying to break through to Moscow, according to the protesters, hundreds of trucks, most of which interfere with the DPS. They today and blocked the Moscow Ring Road in the vicinity of the Leningrad highway, so that no one from the parking lot of Mega drivers are not selected, as well as the robbery of disgruntled citizens continued to flock in their wagons, have the impression that truckers have already begun to protest. Opinions on this matter, according to the comments in the Yandex-maps were divided, but the majority is leaning on the side of the people.

Why? Yes, because in the event of defeat, officials will not stop, they will be able to impose taxes collected by individuals that are close to Putin, with buses, with small trucks (vans), and finally – from car drivers. And the quality of the road for the money and not be built, but the tribute collectors built villas and hotels. Protest this – an indicator of the cattle we, who believe every word of Putin and news anchors or people, the citizens, endowed with some rights and freedoms. Most in fact, as one trucker said: “I am confident that all is well in the country, except for Syria and the Crimea” – especially the media try to hide any information about the protest.

Muscovites who read this article! You do not spend a few hours worth of time and bring a hot tea and some food to those who came to seek the truth from the regions. It’s not something hipsters, it is as simple people like you. Now they need your support. Winning is possible only together!

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