Facebook Data Of 3 mn Users Leaked Again Through personality quiz

Facebook has remained in the limelight due to Cambridge Analytica Scandal, due to which the company had to face certain problems. Now it is again in new due to another data leak scandal. According to “New Scientist”, Facebook Data Of 3 mn Users Leaked Again who took a personality quiz and the data was published on a poorly protected website. On this website, the data could be accessed by unauthorized third parties.

Surprisingly Facebook Data Of 3 mn Users Leaked Again

Initially, it was said that the leaked Facebook data will only be accessible to approved researchers, however, New Scientist also revealed that by entering a username and password to access the data, personal data will be exposed in a minute. In this way, any more can download the personal information of Facebook Users who took personality quizzes.

The research also revealed that half of the 6 million people allowed their information to be shared with researcher anonymously.

According to report, the team behind myPersonality allow any researcher who consented to use the data anonymously sign up to access the details that had been collected; in total, 280 people were offered access, including employees of Twitter, Facebook, and other technology giants.

This scandal is also somewhat same as what happened with Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica also gained access to 87 million users via personality test, named “this is your digital life”. In both incidents test were made by University of Cambridge researchers.

Tough 3 million is not as big number as 87 million people of Cambridge Analytica scandal but this incident is another warning for Facebook Users that how their data/ credentials can be easily leaked.

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