Friends, as you know, on New Year’s, I put a new, ambitious goal

 Friends, as you know, on New Year’s, I put a new, ambitious goal

Friends, as you know, on New Year’s, I put a new, ambitious goal.For 2015 the goal – 1 billion rubles. (by the way, a report on it is almost ready, wait for news)For 2014 the goal – 30 million rubles.For 2013 the goal – 2 million rubles.The time has come when you need to define the purpose in 2016.

We have long thought that we want to achieve in 2016. Should the Company, for example to have the capitalization of a billion dollars, or 100 billion rubles. A dispute arose with a bunch of analysts of growth facts, opinions. But we could not come to the same decision.

The problem is not whether we can master this goal. The problem is how close it is to our readers. For this purpose we have set not only for us but also for you. For our example motivate you to set goals for themselves and achieve them.
For example, on the Web there is a large number of business bloggers who put ambitious goals and try to achieve them. I am grateful to them, because they are indicators of the fact that we work not in vain.

Bloggers are inspired by conducting an open business. In their heads born the idea of ​​setting goals, and they go to her. And it resonates in the actions of readers.

We and our competitors are making common good cause – bear benefit you. And in my opinion, it is much more important than money or other material assets.

So, we are faced with the problem of the target for 2016. We wanted to do an interview or invite foreign analyst firm. But began to realize that no matter how cool, money – not the most important thing.We have gathered a focus group of our subscribers to define the purpose in 2016.

As a result, the purpose of the blog in 2016 –“The most-read business blog Bk”We realized that the blog has lost its meaning. We turned it into an advertising platform, disappeared interesting material, depleted column.

The very purpose involves more than the number of subscribers, and their activity. We want to create a real business portal. This blog should become a handbook entrepreneur.

Perhaps, this goal does not correspond to the previous ones.But the blog – a continuation of me. All ideas, discoveries, insights I share with you. And if changing my worldview, then the blog has to change.

Reaching the goal, we have made blog advertising platform. He began to lose value, save views, readers. But if there is a blog that is not the goal, not the results of both good and bad.

I am convinced that the change in direction will be much more useful as well as for our team and for you, dear readers.

What awaits you:We create really useful blog. (For more details, follow in real time) Therefore, we developed a scheme to achieve this goal. And the first steps you can have 3 days.

As we believe the first step is resuscitation subscribers. And in order to understand how much all bad, we had a test for attentiveness. In the post below, where you can find information on the intense, there are several factual errors. We wondered how many people carefully read the posts from the blog. Can you assess the accuracy of the information on or look you run the article?

We want to finish the test on January 13. But the number of messages and calls to the hotline just rolls over.We get feedback not only that a mistake in the post, but also ideas for change Landing intense and events.(all the ideas you can write to him.

And this fact can not but rejoice. Particularly inspired by what you are trying to help us. For example, many of you participated in a focus group. And we very much appreciate.Thank you very much for what you believe in us!

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