Galazy S7 Leak Delivers The First Bad News about its performance

Galazy S7 Leak Delivers The First Bad News about its performance

There’s dependably a catch. Taking after splendid many revelations about the approaching Galaxy S7, it appears Samsung has committed one major error… 
Achieved from customary hole objective mine Weibo (by means of Sam Mobile), new hands-on photographs of the Galaxy S7 have given away maybe the main key question that stayed unanswered and it’s bad news: Micro USB is still there. 
Yes, in spite of all the superb things the new USB Type-C standard can do, Samsung gives off an impression of being staying with the disliked yet pervasive micro USB port that has been the standard on cell phones for various years. The revelation additionally appears to reinforcement renders discharged by productive leaker @evleaks which indicated micro USB yet was intensely condemned by numerous as erroneous.  

Interestingly micro USB still has a few sponsor. Its omnipresence is the reason most supporters will be behind its progressing incorporation yet actually Type-C speaks to the future and, while reception of any new standard is agonizing, it is ideal to rip off the sticky mortar than peel it off a little bit at a time. 
Moreover with most Android handset producers and even numerous portable workstation makers moving to USB Type-C this year (joining the Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, OnePlus Two, Chromebook Pixel 2 and MacBook which effectively made the jump in 2015), Samsung is simply bringing on pointless deferral to its inescapable progression. As a Nexus 6P and Chromebook Pixel 2 proprietor, I can say having the capacity to utilize a solitary link to quick charge both gadgets is a genuine delight. 
I do concur that a micro USB telephone will in any case be less demanding to claim amid 2016, yet expecting Galaxy S7 proprietors clutch their telephone for 2-3 years I think the circumstance will switch in 2017/2018. At the point when an innovation standard sections, it’s by and large better to be as an afterthought which is the future not the past. It is additionally important a gathering of reasonable and dependable links are beginning to hit the business sector, most prominent of which is Google which is offering its own particular image Type C links on the Google Store. 
So could the Galaxy S7 micro USB bits of gossip still not be right? It’s conceivable, yet right now it appears to be very impossible. 
On the in addition to side, what additionally hopes to be nailed on for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge is an early discharge date. Tech Radar has went down past holes with its own “trusted retail source” to affirm the new telephone (and its Edge equal) will be on special when 11 March. This would give the telephones an entire six months in front of Apple AAPL +0.17% propelling the vigorously overhauled iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 
I’d contend this is a keen move and, much like the dominant part of Galaxy S7 changes, demonstrates Samsung has its head sunk on 2016. Aside from that darn connector.

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