Google Drive New Design to Look Like New Gmail

Recently Google has introduced Gmail with new design. Now the company is giving a makeover to Google Drive with elements that make it look more like the new Gmail. You will not find new features in the redesign, but you will see The Big G has changed the Drive interface background from gray to white.

 Google drive boxes and icons will have much rounded corners. You will find it a bit taller than before. Logo of Drive has placed on a more prominent place. You will find it on a the top left corner of the interface.

Google Drive New Design to Come with a look of  New Gmail

Google has shuffled around the icons of Drive with the Settings and Help Center icons in the same line as the search bar.

Google said that it has started to roll out and will be available for everyone in next two weeks. Soon you will see the redesign Google Drive.

Google continuously play with their apps in order to keep engaged the users. The company is also focused to introduce the new features time to time. Recently, it has introduced some new and amazing features such as to colorize your old black & white photos and the Google assistant to make calls for you for reservations.

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