Google to Develop Lookout App for Visually Impaired People

Nowadays, with the growing technology, many people are making different apps for visually impaired people to help them. Just like that, Google also joins the race with an effort to cater the need of millions of visually impaired/ blind people.  The new Google Lookout App for visually impaired people will help to navigate their homes, offices and other environments.

Lookout App for Visually Impaired People will be a Blessing

At Google I/O developers conference, Google announced its plans to launch a new Android app, named Lookout. This app will be launched by the end of this year in US Google Play Store.

This app is specifically designed for an Android Phone which can be worn around the neck or inside a shirts pocket and its rear camera will be positioned in front but away from the body. One has to select a mode, in the lookout app due to which the app senses where are the objects in the world.

The app uses spoken words to alert blind users about the location. It can alert users about the chair in living room, a bathroom etc. The best this about this Google App is that it can detect and speak the text from the book that users want to read.

Google also announced that when its visually impaired App LookOut will release, its machine learning feature will also facilitate people to learn what people are interested in hearing and will respond accordingly to it. It is designed to be used in offline mode as well.

Let’s see when this App will launch. No doubt, it would be a blessing for visually impaired people who were neglected before.

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