Google to Update Chrome with Better Ad-Fighting Features

Ads always annoy us while we are searching on Google. There are many ad-blocker Apps, software or extensions available on the web but more or less they only control a lesser percentage of ads. Hence, finally Google itself has to come up with some useful solution for the matter. Google to Update Chrome with Better Ad-Fighting Features. For this purpose, the company is rolling out a  new security feature primarily for Chrome that will make it harder for third-party ads to subvert pop-up blockers or disguise links within a site.

Google to Update Chrome with Better Ad-Fighting Features

The news appeared on Google’s Chromium Blog yesterday. Google shared the reason behind this move that the company received many feedback from users regarding third party ads. So Google has to plan something more useful for this matter.

Google’s blog also shared that this initative will be announced either by the end of this year or in Jan, 2018. Let’s see what we hear from Google in coming days about this news and how effective ad-fighting feature it can introduce for the ease of users.

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