Ideological and political construction on an ideal society

An ideal society

Ideological and political construction
Coming traditional society differs significantly from the traditional society of pre-modernist era, but unlike it is not in the structure of social order and perfection of the structure itself, in understanding the man of institutional laws, the ability to use them, the ability to model a perfect social organism, in accordance with the natural life order. Before the era of modern humanity developed spontaneously and unconsciously, and social dynamics to regulate all the processes for the most part independently of the conscious will of the public. In the coming era of “new traditionalism” gained an array of scientific and philosophical knowledge allows a person to become a designer himself as an individual, as well as the whole of society and the state. Just as the genome reveals scientists a complete picture of the laws of the physiological substance, as a kind of decryption and sociopolitical genome allows us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the relevant spheres of life. However, the laws of society and political elite already belong to the field of theoretical studies, respectively, and the rationalization of all processes and the level of comprehension of laws imply a supernatural development is carried out by means of abstract philosophical speculation, and the results are fixed in the socio-political theories.

It is no accident that there are three political theories of the modern era – liberalism, socialism and nationalism. Each of them focuses and even an absolute one of the fundamental aspects of the social organism: Liberalism asserts the absolute individual and private interests, socialism an absolute state as an organizational system and collective interest, and raises nationalism in the absolute idea of ​​the nation and the needs of family, ie, well-being of whole ethnic identity, as well as individuals as members of the national family. It would seem that these three theories are quite different to each other and alternative development model. It is certainly true, but the real life experience leads to the conclusion that the utopian and destructive of any of these concepts in a pure form, strictly in accordance with the specific socio-political theory.

In modern Russia can be seen theorists Eurasians, denied all three ideologies of the modern era, as a supposedly proven the futility. First they considered ceased to exist nationalism (fascism), then fell communism (socialism), is now moribund Western liberal model (though in agony and decomposes it for two centuries). This logic leads to the so-called Eurasians Four political theory, which seems to be how to establish itself in the new world, to overcome the modernist political concepts. But what a theory of the fourth addition to lofty abstractions, is not known. In this case, the opposition looks very strange ideas of their small fruits hard work of hundreds of the greatest thinkers of the past centuries.

The political theory of the modern era are not unsuccessful attempts to design a perfect world based on the values ​​of certain fundamentals, but it is the design of an ideal world with a focus on one or another ideological basis. In these theories, we carried out extensive rationalization of the first incomprehensible and chaotic social world. They carefully studied and recorded all the hopes and aspirations of man, the way to achieve perfect condition. Model designation may be wrong and destructive in isolation from each other, but in no case can not be the reason to insist on their denial. It’s like denying any one science of man, such as psychology, because it is wrong to explain the whole human being. By itself, in isolation from other disciplines, psychology course will be erroneous because people are much more complex than described one particular science. Also in the realm of ideas, no particular theory does not describe the fullness of values ​​and ideals, but the basis is taken only one of extremes, from which develops one or another ideological construction.

Thus, a new humanity denies three specialized theory of Modernity, and accumulates them in the whole view of the world – a natural, harmonious and comprehensive model of human society. However, they do not cumulative and are not in the model as a whole terms. There is more of a quality adjustment when accumulation in a single system “new traditionalism”. However, three political concepts in any case are not equal and not equal, alternative to each other, they only simulate the processes on the basis of a set of postulates. And as a set of ideals and values ​​of the person somehow built in a hierarchical structure, and political theory of modernity relate to each other hierarchically.

For example, how would the Liberals not praise individualism, individual needs, the desire of man to the benefits over the individual will always be state, only because without the state of adequate satisfaction of private needs possible. Therefore, the state of an individual as defined above. But the state system is not created with the sole purpose of satisfying citizens. Whether this is the case, we would have no state, and a huge brothel, where the entire organizational system functions in order to gratify individuals. The full state has to ensure the well-being of whole national organism, ie the nation or community of nations. So the nation is above the state, but also inseparable from it, because without the organizational structure of the nation itself under the current conditions unsustainable. As a result, we see a clear hierarchy of values: the individual, the nation-state. But this hierarchy at the same time is not strictly vertical. If the individual is the lower segment, it does not diminish it, the individual – it is the foundation on which is built the whole ideological pyramid, and its importance is no less than the value of the nation. But if the needs of the individual in conflict with the needs of the nation, it satisfies the second, and the individual in this case is obliged to temper their desires. Those. private entities are allowed to enjoy the benefits as much as it does not violate the general welfare of the national organism.

Taken individually, in isolation from the natural hierarchy of values, each of the three theories is inevitably distorted. The man is multifaceted, not only the needs are different in different individuals, and significantly different tasks at all levels of social life. The political theory of modernity compete among themselves, but it is like a rivalry competition between the classes in a traditional society. In it naturally occur conflict of interests with the interests of the aristocracy of grassroots social classes, and yet the aristocrats always occupy the top of the hierarchy, the lower classes do not challenge their dominant position. This is the natural structure of the society, so is the harmonious hierarchy of values, and thus the system of relations between the three ideologies. They contradict each other in certain positions, but this contradiction produce the perfect compromise, depict an ideal society.

Ideologists Four abstract political theory purposefully impose a false dogma of the alleged alienation of liberalism and nationalism Russian tradition that is fundamentally untrue. It is well known that the whole of Russian literature of the 19th century increased the expectations of freedom in the fight against government censorship and Tsarist absolutism, enslaves man, constraining social development. The People’s Chamber as a civil institution, which had spread to ancient kingdoms, also can be called one of the elements of the liberal political model. At the same time, and a sufficient measure of nationalist attitudes was absolutely natural for the old traditionalism, because nationalism itself is an absolute national tradition and well-being of the state-forming nation. Traditional society themes and characteristic that it is harmoniously built the entire hierarchy of values, each segment of society knows their place and their role is not puzzled by scrapping the system, because there is no alternative to the nature and the harmony does not exist, the alternative can only be unnaturalness and disharmony, that is, .e. perverse and fatal order.

One can agree with the thesis of the predominance in the Russian statist ideals since the era of Russian Empire (Muscovy), but still hypertrophied idea of ​​the state, part of the Russian Empire, but much more in the USSR, does not eliminate the national identity commitment to liberal-democratic views. Whatever labels are not sticking to one or the other people, there are always three sets of values: 1) individualism, liberalism, democracy, the market, the capital; 2) state, isolationism, defense, teamwork, equality, socialism; 3) the nation, tradition, religion, gender, national health militarism. Total West as imperialist trade and oceanic civilization focuses on the first set of ideas and thus implements the first political theory. We also peculiar continental expansionism, which is characterized by strong-arm methods and direct centralized management, so the ideological emphasis we still do to make up the second political theory.

 Both models of development, if they embody the pure, perverted. They break down to the base of a harmonious hierarchy of values, built on the top of the ideas that there is not a place. Even more significant is the combination of a perversion of the first two models – liberalism and socialism. We see this outrage on the example of modern neo-Bolshevik Russian Federation, where the ideals of collectivism blended individualistic values, with the worst – the pursuit of wealth, pleasure, aimless existence. Similarly, the liberal West, absorbing socialist installation, creates such a thing as “cultural Marxism”, which eventually disgusting perverts the society to neoliberalism, triumphant in our time.

Whatever it was, any experience – the same experience, it is positive or negative. The modern era, offering a leftist ideas, breaking the old system, but not for the purpose of its final destruction, and for a total revision, complete rationalization of social and political phenomena, and further reconstruction of the traditional society on a new, much more advanced technological level. Liberal and socialist ideals absolutized and hypertrophy just for a person to come to know the harmfulness of such distortions; could not speculative, and personally see and feel the result of his experience in the retreat from the natural hierarchy of values. In turn, the return to tradition, the restoration of social harmony and the natural order of life – all of this focus is the third political theory (the Third Way). She does not deny the first two concepts as such, becoming only the task of eliminating all distorting elements, existing data model development. The idea of ​​a nation’s health and well-being of all the people is put on top of the hierarchy of values, and this is subject to, or rather the top of this peak derived idea of ​​the state and democratic tenets.

Third political theory, asserting traditional values ​​does not imply a return to the archaic, ie the old traditionalism. Like the first two concepts, the third way – it is also a theory of modernity, and thus it simulated society is progressive and dynamic in its development. It’s kind of cleansing from all the accumulated errors of the modern era, whether in the state or organization in the field of civil rights and liberties. Nationalism is certainly aggressive and warlike, goal setting in this system of values ​​declared war. But war itself is not absolute, militarism is a recovery tool traditional social model, and in this task the war conservatism transformed into harmonious order and national prosperity. Militarism is quite natural for the traditional society; each member nation or family is bound to be a warrior, able to protect and defend the people and the state according to their abilities – some can wield a sword, the other knowledge, and others – are engaged in economic activity, but in the case of a threat they all share the common objective.

However, the idea of ​​the nation and hypertrophy also detrimental. Nationalism is not a balanced democratic ideals, creates militarist folly, mad thirst for war. And apart from the ideas of statist nationalism becomes like a toothless, deprived of a full-fledged institutional system, ie, strong and stable states, able to give adequate answers to any challenges. The fascist state of the first half of the 20th century are the clearest example of enough balanced model of development – an overemphasis on the selfish needs of the nation at the expense of the stability of the state system and in total control of the vital functions of citizens. A totalitarian state is not a good state, even if it is justified by the high national ideals. The result of the above-mentioned imbalances is well known – the fascist regimes of the time, in spite of their obvious advantages for a variety of indicators, very quickly ceased to exist.

Today, we face the task outlines modeled on the basis of an ideal society is not one of the political theories, and not the denial of each, and taking into account the experience of realization of all three concepts. Perfectly balanced value system is possible only if the ideal of pluralism, which had never been in any of the states. Each has its own set of ideas circulated through media relevant worldviews. Liberalism, socialism and nationalism is not abstract and the abstract sphere of practical life, these ideas are cultivated in the minds of real living social groups. The ideal society is made only in the event that all relevant groups – the carriers of these values ​​are free discussion among themselves. If we remove from the open public discourse supporters of any one theory, the hierarchy of values ​​in society will certainly distorted, losing harmony and balance. What are witnessing firsthand, both in the West and in our country. The absence of nationalist agenda in the public debate (which, ideally, should prevail and form the top of the pyramid of values), as well as in decision-making deprives society of good prospects and creative vision of the future. But the fact of realizing a harmonious ideological value structure ensures that we have the ability to survival and without unnecessary disasters get back on the path of development. 

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