importance of the environment

importance of the environment

I was born in the village Kueda. Having reached the age of reason, I started with, left there in more or less a major city of Izhevsk. Having lived a little longer, I moved to Moscow. Now I’m going to go to London or the United States, in order to get quality higher education. These crossings, and hidden secret of my permanent personal growth – I stay in the village Kueda, there would be no Like. There is nothing more important than the environment in which we Werth. It is the most direct way defines us.

Look around you. Who do you see? Do the people around you in achieving the objectives? What make you think of your friends? How often do you hear from them that you can not? Do you like it? If not, then you need to change something.

Let’s start in order: Why your environment should surpass you?This forces adapt. It raises the right thoughts. It helps to form high demands on themselves. You do not want to be the weak link, for that you put ambitious targets.This occurs in the early stages. Later, you really grow up. From day to day. Otherwise, do not exist. The proper environment helps to remove your shortcomings. In some successful friends will share experiences. Your outlook is expanded and you can see more options. You will not feel this at first, but after a year you realize that before bending down on his haunches to be closer. Today, you pull up.

For the foregoing, there is a favorite quote Sergey Azimov – “You will inevitably be influenced by your surroundings, as everyone from childhood uses only one and the same method of training – imitation.” Imitate, not only in thought but also in deeds.

Your income – is the average income of three of your friends. It also operates an imitation. If you want to make – surround themselves entrepreneurs. Do you want to do – environmental creators. You want to be confident. Look who is your soul mate: a view, hobbies, business.Every morning, saying to myself, “Garbage in – garbage out.” What kind of people let in your life, this is your life and will. Setting should help to achieve, to be hungry, to look up and move on. Otherwise, your head will be clogged gossip, whining and debris. Alternatives do not have my words.

As an example, Paul Durov. His social circle duplicated activity. It is easy to dismiss people who did not like him. But just to it never got one who leads an unhealthy lifestyle, not the best programming and most importantly, does not believe in one idea: he makes this world a better place. All this explains why Paul Durov bold in their decisions and continues to do the best service in the world. Without the team, he would not have reached.

If you remain self-conscious, you risk to be anything. Successful no time for those who do not purposeful. To sense from them you, if you are a burden, garbage in. If you infect their uncertainty, laziness and empty talk.

You should not be so. Surround yourself with the best and appropriate.

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