When Infinix Mobility inaugurated its line of products with the slogan “The future is now”, it truly meant it. Since 2013, the year the company was founded, it has not only stood up to its reputation but has frequently challenged the traditional norms of technology and aesthetics.

 It has not only imparted uniqueness of unlimited possibilities to its products but has created smartphones that speak for themselves.

Infinix Inaugurated its Line of Products with Slogan “The future is now”

For a few months, the social space has been abuzz about Infinix working on an exciting new dimension of mobile photography; something with the name of Double Amazing. As some unofficial reviews have spoken of it in a subtle manner, it might revolutionise the dependency of users on a single camera.

If we are to believe what gurus are indicating, Infinix is going to launch Hot 6 Pro, which has a dual rear camera and a dual lock system. The prospective smartphone buyers are very curious though as to how the device would look and feel like.

Hot 6 Pro is going to break the barriers of screen resolution by pushing the limits of the traditional screen and pushing the envelope to an amazing 18:9 Infinity screen.  This Infinity screen would not only catch the eyes of gamers and video lovers but also book aficionados, as it offers more screen real estate for work and for play. Once again Infinix is introducing an Eye Care feature to help protect eyes of users who spend a lot of time using their phones especially at night, which can cause strain and dryness of eyes.

Adding two cameras to snap a single shot is slowly becoming the talk of the town especially since the news of Infinix planning to launch Double Amazing hit the Social Media. According to the tech gurus, the Hot 6 Pro would house two rear-facing cameras of 13 MP and 2 MP capable of rendering images with extraordinary depth of field. It is amazing to see how mobile photography has become more powerful and user-friendly than conventional photography.

Varied camera dynamics are not what Infinix is going to end its scope of imagination with and intends to go far beyond by introducing highly advanced image editing tools, including 9-grade beauty mode that makes the subject stand out in the photos. The front cam is no less than the rear ones. A 5MP 4-in-1 camera is all that it takes to have a perfect selfie.

The processing power of Hot 6 Pro looks to be as impressive as its cameras. It is expected that Infinix will equip Hot 6 Pro with a Qualcomm SnapDragon 425 processor that ensures smooth processing, even for heavy duty multi-tasking operations.

With the advent of tools that can penetrate into the private folders in smartphones, cell phone companies are finding it challenging to keep up with the pace of malware development to control its implications. Infinix seems to have a dual solution to that; a face lock plus finger lock.

Both of these features ensure that the privacy of the users remains protected and safe. And to round off the specs, Hot 6 Pro would have a huge 4000nAh battery to sustain operations all day long, making Hot 6 Pro an ideal choice for everyone from selfie-lovers to students and business professionals.

At an unbelievable price of about Rs. 19,000, Hot 6 Pro seems like an unbeatable choice for a smartphone. The Hot 6 Pro promises to offer its users a world without boundaries; a life without limitations.

INFINIX, a premium smartphone brand from TRANSSION Holdings, is designed for the young generations who desire to live a smart lifestyle. Founded in 2013, INFINIX is committed to building cutting-edge technology and fashionably designed dynamic mobile devices to create globally-focused intelligent life experiences through a merging of fashion and technology. Through daily interactions, these intuitive products become part of a lifestyle that represents trend-setting and intelligent experiences for young people around the world.

INFINIX currently promotes four product lines: ZERO, NOTE, S, and HOT in a global marketplace reaching countries in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia. With the brand spirit of challenging the norms, INFINIX smart devices are designed specifically for young people who want to stand out, reach out and stay in sync with the world.

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