iPhone having Damaged Battery and Screen Caught Fire in Repair Shop

It has been reported by the Phonearena that an unknown model of Apple iPhone suddenly burst into flames inside a repair shop. This incident happened in Las Vegas. In a video the iPhone having damaged battery with a cracked screen has broke with the expansion of battery.

iPhone having Damaged Battery and Screen Catches Fire

The owner of Gadget Repair in Las Vegas named Paul Tartaglio said that the cause of batteries to warp is the high triple digit temperatures in Vegas.

Paul Tartaglio gave two helpful tips for those who live in hot areas:

  • The phones should be kept out of direct sunlight during the summer
  • Users should make sure that they are not overcharging the battery

Mobile phone users should strictly follow these tips suggested by Paul Tartaglio, otherwise your carelessness can result in shorter battery life or an explosion in the worse case scenario.

Paul Tartaglio, technician, Gadget Repair said that:

Over time the batteries heat up and bloat. The problem is when it bloats up just a little bit, it can cause your screen to crack a lot easier. When it comes to an iPhone, it takes a lot for it to explode

Paul Tartaglio also said that users replace a iPhone having damage battery with a replacement offered by the iPhone’s manufacturer. However, that batteries from the original manufacturer are more reliable than aftermarket batteries.

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