Is Mobile Technology taking over TV?

Nothing remains same, change is the only constant. With time, things either evolve in to something new or completely perish. Same is the case with technology; it keeps on evolving. Broadcasting is also going through a major evolution as people have started browsing via the internet to watch their favorite programs online. More recently, smartphones have further changed the game in transforming the face of broadcasting.

 The era of sitting in front of TV to watch shows and programs is nearly over; smartphones are beating the traditional television in the race of entertainment. Especially young people are watching a third less television as they have increasingly turned to online streaming services and social media. Attention of masses has been shifted away from traditional forms of media to new platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and others. Now-a-days people are more interested to watch their favorite programs one-the-go and they even can’t bear the commercial of 30 seconds during programs and shows. This has played a huge role in changing viewers’ behavior as now people prefer to watch their shows online, without any break.

Is Mobile Technology taking over TV?

The launch of 3G/4G has further improved online streaming broadcast on mobiles which have also resulted in people moving towards online content. Mobile operators are also offering cheap internet bundles for video streaming which has further facilitated online video streaming.

Smartphones are beating the traditional television in the race of entertainment


Also, on normal TV there are limited channels available and people are bound to watch those specific channels. However, the internet allows you to watch unlimited channels of your choice online, on web or through applications. The trend of YouTube channels is also on rise, you can find hundreds of YouTube channels on various topics that you can easily subscribe. Many businesses are also moving towards social media for promotion of their products and services where visual content has taken essential position.

With the introduction of the web model of broadcasting the readership of newspaper through traditional way has also shifted to online reading. Other than that, there are number of Newspaper Apps available, which are also facilitating people to watch news on their phones instead of TV. People can also share their views and comments online which makes it very interactive and engaging.

People can also share their views and comments online which makes it very interactive and engaging

 As said earlier, mobile TV is getting more popular among newer generation, because content is more adaptive, transferable, and accessible through this platform. With the adoption of mobile TV the consumption of mobile data is also increasing, which is also flourishing the business of mobile network operators. Mobile network operators are currently operating as gatekeepers for access to Internet content outside their own system there is also a possibility that they will try to extend their control over mobile TV services as well by starting their own mobile TV. Digital businesses experts have said that original equipment manufacturer of television sets across the world are cutting down on the number of TV sets being produced annually. Specifically when we take the example of Pakistan, the mobile networks have gotten better over the last five years, allowing more traffic to be consumed. Devices have gotten more powerful, Screens have gotten larger and content has essentially become more available. According to financial services company IHS Markit, growth of mobile panels averaged 17 percent annually in the past seven years, effectively bridging the gap with TV screens that have traditionally led the market. The latest predictions revealed that the sales of mobile phone displays will hit $46.56 billion compared to $41.25 billion for TV screens. Emergence of smartphones is directly linked to the rise of mobile phones displays. This growth is allowing mobile phone displays to further get ahead of TV screens. Mobile displays is being fueled by cutting edge, premium OLEDs and flexible panels, that is also the main reason  of getting attention of huge crowd.

Many mobile consumers admit that they can’t live without their smartphone. With dependence on smartphones on the rise, the market and scope of online video content also has potential to grow even further.

Older generations may be more reluctant to move away from cable television, their younger counterparts have no problem doing so


Millward Brown’s study, “Ad Reaction: Video Creative in a Digital World,” found that while older generations may be more reluctant to move away from cable television, their younger counterparts have no problem doing so. Traditional TV is still a viable channel right now, but it won’t stay that way forever. Online video is a valuable commodity right now, but in future it will become even more valuable, not only for the general audience but for the content producers as well.

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