Keyword research training

Do you want your most important pages to show up in Google? Keyword research is where it all starts. But keyword research is not easy … There’s lots of competition for the best keywords. And we see tons of sites wasting timeoptimizing for keywords no one is searching for. So how do you make sure you’re optimizing for the right keywords? After this keyword research training, you’ll know exactly how.

What will you learn?

After this training:

  • You’ll have a complete keyword list ready to go! Use it to start writing content which gets your important pages ranked
  • You’ll know what keywords your audience uses to find you
  • You’ll optimize for the keywords you have the best chances of ranking top 3 with
  • You’ll know what keywords are most likely to drive sales or newsletter signups
  • You’ll be able to identify golden opportunities your competition hasn’t thought of yet
  • You’re working towards ranking for the top keywords in your market

The training is for you because:

  • You want to increase your rankings yourself, or you want to do SEO for your clients
  • You have a technical background, or you don’t – doesn’t matter
  • You’re unsure what keywords work best for your site
  • You’re tired of competing with sites you can’t beat
  • You don’t just want to rank, you want to rank top 3 for the terms that help grow your blog or e-commerce website

How much time will you need?

It depends. You can watch all the videos in 2.5 hours. If you want to get it right, you carry out the keyword research steps we’ve set up to help you get on track. You’ll end up with a full keyword research list. But that’s optional, and the time you spend on that is up to you only!

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