Lenovo Teases Lenovo Z5 as The World’s First All Screen Phone

Chang Cheng, VP Lenovo teases a new phone on China’s Weibo Social network. Lenovo new phone looks very luxurious as its a screen framed by an Ultra-thin bezel. Apple also claimed that iPhone X is all screen phone but it is infamous actually. Lenovo Z5 as The World’s First All Screen Phone will be extremely beautiful is it’s the same as shown in the teaser.

Teaser on Website Shows Lenovo Z5 as The World’s First All Screen Phone

Many tech giants are trying to maximize the screen size on their upcoming device. However, while maximizing screen size they are also including top and bottom bezels and famous notches. Lenovo Z5 is a truly full-screen device with no Bezels and Notch.

Cheng’s teaser post announced the Lenovo Z5 is the company’s new flagship phone. The teaser shows half phone so the post is very confusing. Right now we can also not comment whether Lenovo Z5 us in production or it is just a concept.

The upcoming Lenovo Z5 sketch reveals the following features:

  • Screen-to-body-ratio of 95 percent
  • Z5 will include four technological breakthroughs including 18 patented technologies
  •  Lenovo will handle a presumed front-facing camera.
  • Bezelless
  • No Notch
Lenovo Teases Lenovo Z5 as The World's First All Screen Phone
Z5 teaser shared last week

Lenovo’s Z5 flagship smartphone appears fancy into the concept sketch. It appears to be a phone from the future, something we’ve all dreamed off. The smartphone that comes near to the Lenovo Z5 is the Vivo Apex. The futuristic device is sold with a 91 percent screen-to-body-ratio, an on-screen fingerprint scanner, and a pop-up digital camera that is a selfie. The organization is yet to really make the unit you can purchase although the phone is made official in Asia.

There isn’t any launch date set for the Lenovo Z5, while some reports suggest the flagship Lenovo Z5 can certainly make its first on 14 June 2018.

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