LiverPool Football Club English Best Football Club

LiverPool Football Club

LiverPool is Best English Football Club. Nickname of club is The Reds. LiverPool is Founded in 3 June 1892. Anfield is LiverPool Main Ground. Fenway Sports Group is owner of Liverpool. Club Home Page is Website of Liverpool F.C. Short name of Liverpool is LFC.

LiverPool Football Club History

Liverpool was ninth highest earning Football Club in 2013-14 with 506 Million Euro.  Liverpool has Won 5 European Cups that is no won any other English Football Club Team. Liverpool also Win Three UEFA Cups, Three UEFA Super Cups, 18 League Title, Seven FA Cups, Recorded Eight League Cups, Fifteen FA  Community Shields. Tom Wemer is Chairman of Liverpool Football Club. Liverpool played English Premier League. Liverpool in 2014-15 Premier League Number eight Position.
LiverPool Main Players

Brad Jones

Full Name: Bradley Jones          ( Australia )
Birth Place: Armadale Perth Australia
Date of Birth:19 March 1982
Play As: Goal Keeper
In Team: 1997 to 2015
Number: 30
Total Club matched Play: 128            International Matches: 4

Simon Mignolet

Full Name: Simon Luc Hildebert Mignolet      ( Belgium )
Birth Place: Sint Truiden Belgium 
Birth Date: 6 March 1988
Play As: Goal Keeper
In Team: 2005 to 2015
Number: 22
Play Club Matches: 288 Goal: 1       International Match    in U 21 9 match in other format 17 Match

Alberto Moreno

Full Name: Alberto Moreno Perez           ( Spain )
Birth City: Seille Spain
Birth Date: 5 July 1992
Play as: Defender
In Team: 2012 to 2016
Number: 18
Total Club Matches: 131 Goals: 5        International Matches U 21 Match:10  Other match : 3

Jon Flanagan

Full Name: Jonathon Patrick Flanagan       ( England )
Birth Place: Liverpool England
Birth Date: 1 January 1993
Play As: Defender
In Team: 2012 To 2016
Number: 38
Play Club Matches : 43 Goal: 1 In Youth Team: 1 match      In International  U 20 1 match U 21 3 match Friendly  Series 1 match 

Dejan Lovren

Full Name: Dejan Lovren                        ( Croatia )
Date of Birth: 5 July 1989
Place of Birth: Zenica SFR Yugoslavia
Play as: Defender _ Center Back, Right Back _
In Team: 2005 to 2014
Number: 6
Total Club Matches: 242 Goals: 9            In International: U 21 14 match 2 Goals other format 30 match 2 goals

Mamadou Sakho

Full Name: Mamadou Sakho             ( France )
Date of Birth: 13 February 1990
Place of Birth: Paris France
Play As: Defender _ Center Back _
In Team: 2006 to 2015
Number: 17
Play Total Club match: 247 Goals: 8        In International play : U 21 5 Match 1 Goal Other 27 Match 2 Goal

Joe Allen

Full Name: Joseph Micheal Allen          (  Wales )
Birth Place Camarthen Wales
 Birth Date: 14 March 1990
Play as: Midfielder 
In Team: 2007 to 2016
Number: 24
Club Matches: 248 Goals 12        International Matches: U 21 13 match 1 Goal Other Format 27 Matches

Emre Can

Full Name: Emre Can               ( Germany )
Date of Birth: 12 January 1994
Birth Place: Frankfurt Germany
Play as: Midfielder
In Team: 2009 to 2014
Number: 23
Total Club Matches : 146 Goals 10 In Youth Team 18 Match 2 Goal     In International U 17 Play 12 Match 1 Goal U 19 match 5 U 13 match 1 goal other 3 match


Full Name: Philippe Countinho Correia           ( Brazil )
Date of Birth: 12 June 1992
Place of Birth: Rio de Janerio Brazil
Play as: Midfielder
In Team: 2008 to 2016
Number: 10
Club Matches: 195 Goal 32 In International: U 17 4 Match 3 Goal U 20 7 Match 3 Goal and Other 11 Match 1 Goal

Jordon Ibe

Full Name: Jordon Ashley Femi Ibe                  ( England )
Date of Birth: 8 December 1995
Birth Place: Bemondsey London England
Play as: Forward
In Team: 2011 to 2016
Number: 33
Playing History           Club Match 85 Goals 10 In Youth 8 Match International Match U 19 4 Match 3 Goal U 21 Match 2

Daniel Sturridge

Full Name: Daniel Andre Sturridge         ( England )
Date of Birth: 1 Sep 1989
Birth Place: Bimingham England
Play as: Forward
In Team: 2006 to 2016
Number: 15
Playing History             Club Match 213 Match 83 Goal In International U 19 match 3 goal 1 U 21 Match 12 Goal 2 Other 20 Match Goals 7

Previous History of Liverpool F.C

Garrick Full. H. appeared to be started out using making a debate relating to the Everton tv screen additionally Ruben Houlding, bank account us all head additionally manager inside spot from Anfield. Right after 8 several years for your area, Everton shifted so that you can Goodison Park your car your vehicle inside of 1892 additionally Houlding started out Gatwick Ful. H. so that you can experience from Anfield. Formerly referred to as “Everton Full. H. additionally Jogging Leads to Ltd” (Everton Jogging regarding short), this bank account resulted in Gatwick Ful. H. inside of Walk 1892 additionally achieved discovered standing ninety days using, using Pursuits Association invalidated for getting this bank account considering the fact that Everton. Your individuals received this Lancashire Class inside début occasion from the year, additionally decided while using the Pursuits Class minute Department in the beginning inside 1893–94 occasion from the year. Right after end inside of primary placement this bank account appeared to be sold towards the 2nd Department, that them received inside of 1901 additionally once again inside of 1906.


Anfield seemed getting internal 1884 inside land next to Stanley Playground the car. It absolutely was first of all used simply by Everton before the membership changed so as to Goodison Playground the car right after that has a issue greater than guide as well as Anfield proprietor Donald Houlding. Cease using the bare surface, Houlding create Liverpool inside 1892 using the membership supplies preferred through Anfield from the instant. The capability inside the stadium in that moment seemed getting 20, 000, despite the fact that simply just 100 vistors registered Liverpool’s very first select through Anfield.

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