Now Google Photos will Add Colors to Old Black & White Photographs

Google Photos give you easiest and best ways to back up all of the images you capture with the camera of your phone. Google has announced useful new improvements for this amazing service.

 Google is adding more AI-powered smart functionality to Photos, which will apply realistic-looking color to black and white pictures.

Soon Google Photos will Allows You to Add Colors to Old Black & White Photographs

It is a smart update that got a lot of appreciation when it was announced at Google I/O 2018. This upcoming feature has the ability to colorize old photographs. After taking a picture of an old photo, Google’s artificial intelligence will analyze the picture. After that, it will allow users to tap a button to instantly add color to it.

Google Photos will also be able to quick edits on pictures, that includes a rotation or increasing exposure, or even making the main subject stand out by making the background black and white.
Photos will also be able to recognize documents and will allow users to convert photographs of them into PDFs.

According to The Verge, Google has released new APIs for developers that can plug into Google Photos services directly. These tools and APIs will let developers build Google Photos search, upload, and sharing tools directly into their apps.

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