Now you can Rate Your Driver in Mid of Uber Ride

Have u ever experienced taking a ride on Uber, however, forgot rating your driver when you reached your destination? Sometimes forgetting your bad experience on Uber you gave 5 stars however sometimes the driver who deserved 5 got 1 star. To end all this, Uber has come up with a new idea and Now you can Rate Your Driver in Mid of Uber Ride.

 Just like Careem, Uber also allows you to the end of a ride to give stars rating to their Drivers/Trip but now they will be able to do it in the mid of their ride. It should be mentioned here that drivers of these ride-hailing services get their bonuses according to the rating they get during a particular ride. So giving feedback is very important and necessary as it also improves the overall service based on customer’s experience.

Now Rate Your Driver in Mid of Uber Ride and Enjoy Ride

Ride now the feature is rolled out to the specific number of users however company announced to roll out it to all users. Uber also announced that it plans to launch a new program next month that will celebrate drivers who give good services.

Uber also plans to improve its app technology as people reported some issues with it. A few weeks back Uber also introduced passenger safety features. The company has also worked on the driver’s app based on the feedback they received from them.

Previously Careem was considered to be moving at fast pace with developments but it seems that Uber will take the lead by launching news and extraordinary features.

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