Offline Gmail is Now Available on web- But Only For Chrome

Google has introduced a new Gmail few days ago. In the new Gmail, Google has brought new features in its app. The most interesting feature of this new Gmail design is Offline Gmail. Now Offline Gmail is Available on web. But unfortunately, the new update is only available on Chrome.

Offline Gmail is Now Available on web- But Only For Chrome

Users can now write, search, and delete/archive messages when they have no connectivity, with these changes syncing back when an internet connection is regained. To get these features, users need to have Chrome 61 or higher. After getting the required Chrome version, move to the Settings. There you will see a new “Offline” tab where users can “Enable offline mail.” Here you have the ability to see how much storage Gmail is using on your computer and set “Sync settings.”

Users can decide how many days of messages are downloaded with 30 being the default. Moreover, you can also choose from 7 and 90 days. The last setting is Security and the ability to set whether Gmail keeps or removes offline data on your computer after logging out.

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