Quilted lobby: click or clinic?

Quilted lobby: click or clinic?

Over the past 2 years in circles jingo, fans of the USSR 2.0 and the Russian Empire at the same time, as well as all lovers Krymnasha and New Russia, the increasing popularity won the organization and the person actively claiming damn State Department, which is aware of the matters in any Russian city better than FSB, the great power of the fifth column (according to the terminology of cotton – these are the national traitors), of ever rising from her knees Russia, which also spoils the West forever. These organizations led by the odious leaders, help that put no less insane person producing books and TV shows with the astonishing scale of their performance have formed among the “patriots of the Russian Federation”, the so-called neo-Vatnikov – extremely schizophrenics people even large part of the neo-Bolsheviks zaputinskih said regular customers psychiatric clinics.One example of such a concentration of madness – the so-called “national liberation movement”, founded a State Duma deputy from United Russia Yevgeny Fyodorov. Eugene A. (or his political consultants) is to pay tribute – to the issue of promotion of the ideas he came up with Noda mind: being aware of the power of the Internet, the deputy Fedorov decided to play videobloggera and once a week spread the story on its own channel on YouTube. At a time when even the most broken-off scoops are a PC user, the promotion of such projects is played almost a key role. The rate is fully justified, and Fedorov poured supporters.

Certainly, it is necessary to explain to those who, fortunately, only in this article meets NODom that says the character in his video. Here is a brief list of abstracts, which rants Fedorov each week watch video:1. Russia – a colony of the West. The Soviet Union lost the Cold War because it destroyed the country “terrible Pindos.” Then they got into government and a new constitution written.2. Putin – our king, our leader, our savior. However, it is already 15 years old can not do anything, because he prevented the Americans and their mercenaries in the face of the fifth column, sitting in all the organs of power – in August, the air on the channel DenTV coordinator GCD quite seriously told me that the right incentives to free travel on public transport in Moscow and area citizens have deprived the United States and the State Department.
3. Any changes in the level of life for the worse – nothing more than an attack on Americans through the IMF Rossiyushku, that the people went up to the square, and finally overthrew Putin handed over to the United States. How does it work? Eugene A. explains the devastation of the Russian budget in that country’s central bank is not nationalized, with the result that sends our taxes to the United States.4. Under the fifth column Fedorov is any dissenting with the Putin regime, citizens, keep the mind in spite of the propaganda and lies (a vivid example – an appeal to truckers, where he refers to them as an act of protest the US invasion). According to the MP, in addition to Western finance, the national traitors from the fifth column nurtured and fed by the Russian media. It is the only crossing point Noda and opposition-minded people – and those and others believe that the media lie. But if the opinion antisistemschikov, journalists talk about the greatness of the current regime in Russia, then NODovtsev views diametrically opposed – the media, they believe, are controlled by American or pro-American structures, resulting in a negative attitude to Russia with its great president.5. To raise Russia from its knees, Fedorov proposed changes to the Constitution that will enhance the authority of Putin and legalize the introduction of state ideology (most likely – something related to on May 9 and jingoism, as all symbols GCD painted in black and orange colors).

Simply put, the deputy Fedorov shouts, where only can the fact that the king – good boyars – bad. And to change everything, you all who do not agree with the king – in the best case, send to the Gulag, and the king to crown more to certain all is well we had. Hundreds of thousands of people across Europe, he echoed the space (branches of his sect were opened and operate in Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Germany, UK. Before there was a well-known events in Ukraine and NOD).But how is it possible on the basis of such crazy ideas? The answer is very simple. It helps in the difficult task of “restoring the sovereignty of Russia,” Mr. Fyodorov Mr. Nikolai Starikov (one of the founders of the movement “Antimaydan” in Russian). Not having any relation to history, this man rivet every year in the history books. Their essence is no different from the ideas of Fedorov – Mother Russia Englishwoman shit a thousand years, zasylaya their agents always and everywhere. It would seem ravings of a madman? But the old man through the social order in Russian society has been recognized and given support the ideology of Nod, and simultaneously forming their own organization – the Party of the Great Fatherland (or abbreviated – PVO). To say that NODovtsy friends with party Starikov – to say nothing: in every election they go on its lists.

It is believed that the GCD and air defense to protect the interests of one of the Kremlin clans, their work paid one of influential circles of officials / oligrahov in order to eliminate competitors from the same influential circles circles – confirmation of this view can be found in a rather frequent accusations Fedorov against Mr. Surkov and so-called “Medvedev’s” – a group of people stranded on serious roles after the 2008 elections. In his opinion, it is precisely the fifth column in the government.

To summarize, it must be said that the culprit of such “ohranitelskih ‘movements become the people (or more precisely – the vast majority of it). Trusting TV and good tsar, he abandoned reason in their favor. Now it’s time to pay for the political ignorance and faith in all Russia rising from its knees. After all, if these Putinists-opposition (as they call themselves) for a moment turned her head, stepped up critical thinking, such projects as the GCD with their schizophrenic ideas are unlikely to be passed.

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