Russian fascism

Russian fascism
All the white world is drowning in the abyss of their own delusions. People believed in the ideas of tolerance and multiculturalism, decomposing them from within. Clean kind was seen as archaic and universal inter-ethnic mixing – both progressivism and the guarantee of inter-ethnic harmony. Mock marriages between members of different races will lead to the world community and ethnic groups – to be tolerant towards each other. This logical formula works everywhere, all were easily odurachivaemy lie. All but the peoples of Russia. We loathe interracial mixing. We impose it as the norm, strongly promote these ideas, but inspire the more, the greater the number of people waking up, seeing all this abomination. Even the most unprincipled man in the street, which can be persuaded to anything, even he feels a deep sense of aversion to mixing with Slavs alien and distant ethnic groups. While, however, the one who badly handled the propaganda and the idea of ​​a tolerant attitude towards foreigners, not to say about their so-called inner racist feelings openly. And noticing them in themselves, and blame will restrain myself just trying to drown out the call of the truth about the true nature of things.

The phenomenon called negative term “racism” is quite natural for any white people, not drugged perversion of modernity. In fact, every Russian – racist, though, and try to hide it or disguise, finding one or another explain his natural feelings. It is time to go on about the ideas of the Communist International or Western multiculturalism and call all their names. Even in the Soviet era, Russian did not allow the ethnic mix in the country, all the peoples living in their place, and no one considers it reasonable to enter into communication with outsiders. No perverted ideas do not violate our internal vision and even unconscious proper order. All the Eastern European nations, massively prone to racism, and especially Russian, living imperial idea, empire builders, eager to war with the whole world around. This thirst is destructive, yet triumphs lie, and the people is under the authority of perverted ideologies. But Russia is to shake off all the dirt of the past mistakes as militancy and sense of ethnic superiority will gain a completely different, noble form.

Russian Slavs always exalt over other ethnic types. Whoever that insisted on the friendship of the peoples, of tolerance for strangers, not all the Slavs in our miropredstavleniya are below us. Chinese called at best kitaezy or narrow-eyed; Kyrgyz, Uzbeks and other Asians – not Kyrgyz or Uzbeks and chocks or chebureks; Caucasians, Turks, Arabs – hachami; rare coaching Negro – called a nigger or a monkey; even for us Americans Pindos and America – Pindostana (Gr. Πίνδος – dirt, bottom). All this is commonplace and mass, no one even thought to call such racism. For the Russian man is unworthy to take marry foreign women, because they are less beautiful, and marriage with them gaining respect from family and others. Also for Russian women – a marriage with a native of the southern ethnic group, and certainly not indigenous to Russia, her parents will be tolerated through the gnashing of teeth. At the same time, and aggressive forms of racism occur infrequently. In the army, in a variety of law enforcement agencies, such as that imposed to counteract nationalistic ideas, everywhere there are moderate racism. Belittling of foreigners in relation to themselves and their Slavic kind – it’s so commonplace norm that it did not even notice, as something worth attention. For us there is no ethnic group that could be seen above, than white Slavs. And the violation of this natural hierarchy is not to belittle the Slavs Slavs to some extent annoying any Rusich, awakens inner anger, no matter what kind of promoting tolerance. Even the Soviet totalitarian system was not able to destroy deep-Aryan nature.

Anti-national government is trying to convince people of the necessity and the inevitability of migration from the south, but at the same time, the attitude towards these migrants from the same power of contempt. No privileges, they are not prepared, only even more pumped nationwide anger with their presence and distribution of its barbarism. Bowl of popular anger is not bottomless, it should fill up all receive deserved – and strangers, daring to come to their orders, and those who let them in spite of the national will. Congenital racism is not innate hatred of grassroots representatives of ethnic groups, it is only lust primeval order in which everyone knew their place, does not violate the harmony of the whole.

Liars and hypocrites, ideological henchmen try to conquer us, Russian racism, exposing a natural quality in a negative light. As we deliberately erase the memory of ancestral identity, imposed on us psevdoidentichnost rossiyanstva to deprive us of ethnic cohesion. Western people easily suggestible lies, but for the peoples of Russia, false suggestion only muffle the call deep nature, crush it into the unconscious. As a result, people do not see the true law clearly can not think of it crisp images and call all things by their names. But at the same time, people, and does not lose the inner intuition, thirst natural rate does not disappear. Unruliness alien foreigners, and in the whole of their stay in Russia, annoyed and angry. This anger is accumulated for hundreds of years, from generation to generation, it is only amplified because people intuit the higher self, suffering humiliation and harassment by lower. The idea of ​​our equality with outsiders outsiders perceived as absurd. Can Rus Asian, Caucasian, or anyone else be equal Rusich, it is absurd not only for staunch nationalist, but also for every citizen. The United States or Western Europe may be home to all but Russia, according to our ordinary ideas can be identified with only one ethnic group – to Rusich who live here, many thousands, if not tens of thousands of years. Land for us as a mother, and the dominance of aliens on it disgusting national spirit. Foreigners incapable of understanding the sacred values ​​of Russia and absolute devotion to the people of his land. This commitment naturally projected including the phenomenon of racism.
All videos chronicle about the invasion of migrants in Europe for us is incredible – incredibly as possible so respectful to strangers. The official Russian propaganda inspires people, though tolerance to Asians, but it shows in every way, this is the racism against migrants in Europe. The apparent contradiction between our natural mentality that takes place everywhere, even in the mainstream media, and advocacy task stifle in us the deep call of the ancient Aryan. All Russian – racists. And this is normal, natural and right. This is our Aryan nature, identity royal family, ruling over the southern tribes. National ideology, denying racism as our innate quality, and deny the nature of the Russian people, denied their selfless devotion to Russia, its false and perverted ideas provoke the desecration of our land came and alien.

Eurasians and liberals adhere to similar principles of international relations – all are equal and all should be able to live together. The first claim that Russia allegedly for all alien ethnic intolerance, he says, we have always lived in a multinational collaboration, and the phenomenon of racism for us – it is an absolute evil. In fact, an absolute evil for Russia are such ideologues themselves, because they destroy their demagoguery our land, suppress our deep Aryan identity. Addressing racism, Eurasians oppose traits of the national character, which manifests itself not less than half of the total population. These ideologues and serve as jailers nation gravediggers Russia, they fetters the people in the ideological shackles, deprived of vision of truth and national nature, impose disgusting and depressing lie, by all means encourage us to believe in his own nothingness that we perpetually feel themselves the slaves of false ideas, and awakened a consciousness of the kings over the lower tribes, believed in the alleged anti-national state psevdovelichie, built like a huge prison where we Rusichi – the main and the most dangerous prisoners. Humiliation oppresses the people, because it is contrary to the spirit of the Aryan any identity other than regal.

Strangers rule over us, but they are wildly afraid of our anger, for that anger is merciless, small enough spark to ignite huge fires burning all alien abominations that in Russia imagined themselves at home and stay here freely. Many hundreds of years Russia strangers profaned, and the white people despised them, tolerate them as lords and masters over themselves, but should be the opposite, because there are rulers over us stronger than we are. They think they keep us in check, supervise and guide the Russian barbarians pacify their rebellion. After all, if you give us the freedom we expel from our land all foreigners who dared to host here. This they say, directly and without embarrassment. Therefore keep us shackled by all means. As we have so much inner fury that has accumulated over the centuries of humiliation that craves great people revolt, final cleaning and permanently establishing the true order. All foreigners who defile our land, live in anticipation and fear of our freedom. To Racism has found a form of national natural world, do not need any propaganda of nationalism, it is only necessary liberation of the people’s consciousness of oppressive propaganda that inspires the nation false miropredstavleniya and drowns out the inner cry of truth. Natural Aryan consciousness returns itself, without external influences.

The memory of belonging to the highest human birth in crushing us in every way, the theme of the Aryan heredity taboo and open to scientific debate. This concerns not only Russian, but all the peoples of Russia. Above all of us, the heirs of the Aryan spirit, ruled by aliens or traitors, all inspire misconceptions about themselves. But you can not make us forget forever his primordial nature, because the ancestral memory, albeit drowned, ensures the viability of the people. Finally forgotten their ancestors, losing ethnic identity and perish as a species, assimilating with others or disappearing physically. If we continue to live on the same land where our ancestors lived for thousands of years, that we keep the memory of them, despite any suggestion and oppression. The spirit of the ancient Aryan continues to languish in us, and it will not go away, no propaganda tolerance of us not giving an ethnic nature and ancestral memory.

The so-called racism, a sense of superiority over the aliens, of course for all Rusich. The more we are told the opposite, the more we have anger and rage. In previous generations, this anger was unconscious, suffering humiliation, they did not see the truth and did not know for what purpose kindle the lights of the great rebellion. They were tolerant to the shackle, because not see clear, sharp images. But that patience is not brought them any peace. Inner Rage, crushed deep memory of the national elite, was not aware of the mind, but the agony of spirit, the inability to realize his higher nature – all that oppresses the nation, leading to general discouragement, drunkenness, lying worship, which, though in some ways reminiscent of forgotten greatness.

But now Russia gives rise to a new generation, who see everything and in all clarity – their family, their nature, their nature and the perfect image of a free future. All the centuries of anger that has gained national unconscious, the new generation rises to conscious – fills us with rage and vengeance for the hundreds of years of oppression. Riot previous generations senseless and ruthless, merciless but our rebellion and reflection. We clearly see the past and future, know what phenomena should be destroyed and what we go. Nation albeit unconsciously, yearns for liberation from centuries of distortions that afflict true national nature – a deep spirit of Aryan, collective elitism, greatness and global hegemony, domination over the southern barbarians. This domination naturally and harmoniously, because fully corresponds to the true law, establishes the primordial order of the world. And the new generation can lead to the attainment of the Aryan peoples of this freedom and of its former greatness.

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