Samsung Galaxy S10 to Feature Ultrasonic Technology

We were waiting for the in-screen display finger print scanner in Samsung devices. Now it seems that this time we will see this technology in Samsung Galaxy S10. The latest reports say that the Samsung want to bring all the latest and trendy features in this upcoming device.

Samsung Galaxy S10 to Introduce Ultrasonic Technology

The new report said that the Samsung has introduced a technology which will sit inside the display. To analyze a fingerprint, it uses ultrasonic technology and compare it to the fingerprint on file. According to SamMobile, in order to do that, the technology beams an ultrasonic pulse at the fingerprint to analyze pores and ridges. This new feature makes a 3D model of the fingerprint which gives you more accuracy and security than 2D sensor.

According to the report:

The technology will be far more accurate that the in-screen sensors from other Android vendors that use an optical sensor to analyze a fingerprint.

There were conflicts among the reports that the only Galaxy Note 9 will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. However, it was also reported that soon Samsung will make a final decision on this in the near future and finally it seems that the company has took a decision about the in-screen finger scanner.

The suppliers of Samsung has been informed by the company that it has plan to introduce the sensor in the Galaxy Note 9 and also in Samsung Galaxy S10 next year.

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