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Samsung Galaxy S7 Information

Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 is brand new smartphone that launched in 2016. See its all review 
Dimension : 143.4 x 70.8 x 6.9 mm  

OS : Android OS v6.0 
Processor : OCTA-CORE — CPU : Adreno 530
Memory : 32/64/128 Built in
RAM : 4 GB
Connectivity : Bluetooth, WLAN, USB, GPRS
EDGE 3G and 4G Supported
Display Size : 1.5 Inch
Camera : Dual Came 20 MP
Prize : N/A

Other of Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung    newsletters       This has    flagship    through    Galaxy S7,    a good    powerful handheld rocking 820 snapdragon processor    AND ALSO    5.7 inch screen    in    improved 4 GB RAM.    your own       goods       are    code named lucky    because       related to    significance    involving       quantity    7. Samsung Galaxy S7 comes    throughout    improved UI    with    Android Marshmallow OS    IN ADDITION TO    supports company’s premium VR gear    for    ultimate virtual reality experience    throughout    reach    of the    pocket. Samsung’s Galaxy S7    is    packing    a    fingerprint sensor    Just like       It has    predecessor    AS WELL AS       will certainly    feature    the    full QHD screen.    ones    phone    is actually    packing    the    Hexa-core 1.38 GHz processor    which is to be       created       via    Samsung Galaxy S7’s own architectures    to be able to       required       That       throughout    maximum    assist       AND ALSO    enhanced UI tweaks. Front camera    is       concerning    20.0 megapixels    throughout    auto HDR OIS    AS WELL AS    face    identification       is usually       furthermore       able to    providing 2160P    recording       AND    Galaxy S7    by    Samsung    offers       the    wide angle 5MP front camera    with    dual    video clip    call feature    IN ADDITION TO       video       working    upto 1440P.


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