Some Users Report iPhone X’s Dual Camera Glass Cracks Easily

Some iPhone X users are complaining on several social media platform about the cracked iPhone X’s dual camera glass. The glass panel on the front and back of the iPhone X already makes it fragile and now this new issue is alarming.

Users have reported that the cracks of iPhone X’s dual camera glass just happened unexpectedly. The major reason behind the cracking is unknown as the users said that they have not even dropped their iPhone.

 Users Claim iPhone X’s Dual Camera Glass Cracks Easily

However some users claimed that their iPhone X’s dual camera glass cracked due to cold weather, but actually it is not the case.

An affected user in Malaysia wrote on social platform that:

“I read some people have this issue in cold climate, I live in Malaysia and weather is hot and humid around 32-36 Celsius daily… Anyone had the same problem?”

Affected users claimed that the Apple is not accepting to swap the hone under warranty.

However Apple said that it is using a sapphire glass cover on its iPhone models since the iPhone 7 that is claim to have the “hardness and purity results expected from sapphire”. Since most of users said that they have not dropped the phone, so there might be some instances where users have broken iPhone X’s dual camera glass by carrying the objects alongside the iPhone X in their pockets.

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