The idea of ​​Russia

The idea of ​​Russia

Speculating ideas is always easy, but explaining their meaning and formulating their rationale is difficult. Russian chauvinists deny the identity of Kievan Rus; Ukrainians, in turn, identify with the Horde Muscovy and likewise do not recognize it as belonging to the indigenous culture. Everyone has their own truth, but just because every truth has its foundation. Russia—a wholeness and establishment of the disclosure of which is impossible within any one nation. Sacred Russ snoozes in several nations, and it awakens only in the fullness of unity and joint efforts in the development of the national consciousness of each component of its people and in sufficient harmony between them.

Every great nation, Russia plays only some aspects of its completeness. Kiev, Moscow, and Belaya Rus are not equal in size but equal in value. One manifests itself in a variety of ways, projecting his integrity together. Also, Russia has invested in different people with different qualities themselves. She’s like a mother to her offspring; by giving rise to them, she gives life to sovereign national entities, each of which has its own abilities and aspirations. The people are not soldered together like Siamese twins. Unbroken bodily cohesion is a defect rather than a natural health concern. Each full body must be independent of other bodies. With the development and health of creatures, they interact with each other and form a specific alliance in this interaction, whether it’s a family or ethnic consumer.

People, even close relatives, cannot be merged into one body. This deformity, such a creature, has no plausible or viability. Everyone should develop autonomy from the others. But at the same time, a self-sufficient ego is nothing to prevent entities from working together, coming to an agreement, forming unions, etc. As in an ordinary family, each is a separate entity, as the largest nation is Russia, apart from other nations, and Russia continues to be put together. A descendant of the family is born not to copy their parents, as well as the continuation and deepening of certain parental qualities. Similarly, the people of Russia contain different aspects of its integrity, and thus every nation focuses on the inherited properties.

Dissociation and unity are part of the natural life cycle. One is crushed in the plural, part of which is then returned back to the One, but in a more developed and perfect condition. And to find the way back to wholeness, entities need to recognize the limits of their egos. To achieve a certain individualization and isolation, the only way is to reveal the fullness of their consciousness. The terms of Neo-Platonism in general provide sufficient understanding of the fundamental existential principles and serve as a good remedy for chauvinistic delusions of any kind. The original single contains a plurality of potentials. It’s kind of the Pleroma, in which the individual is staying in an idyllic but unconscious.

Just as the flower grows from a bulb with a variety of totally dissimilar parts, unless individual forms, a variety of nations also grow from the original ethnic “bulbs” and acquire a unique identity, their language, and their national ego. But if the growth of the flower is a normal biological process—predefined genes, the development of nations—a process of growth of the spirit—the endless cultural bubbling is often accompanied by conflict and mutual antagonism. The principle everywhere is one, but one flowering natural pattern of development, and for the Spirit and the human communities, it is different. Each folk essence is fighting for their identity and their national freedom. The national liberation struggle is precisely the fundamental impetus necessary to differentiate the various ethnic pieces of the embryonic “bulbs.”. This struggle is conducted not for a full withdrawal but for his personality and the opportunity to develop his own national face.

Chauvinists believe that the process of fragmentation of the national integrity of the original may be infinite if it does not prevent it. Ostensibly, nations can form countless ones, to the extent that each city and even each community may declare its national sovereignty and begin to speak in their own language. But this is misleading due to ignorance and a lack of understanding of the natural harmony of life. Speculations about some supernatsii, such as the triune Russian or, worse, the Russian nation, do not stand up to scrutiny in terms of the principles of natural evolution.

Speaking of plants, it is absurd to assert that they can be split into infinite pieces. Often, it grows as much as is necessary for the harmony of the whole. Also, human nations are formed in such a number and with such a variety, which subsequently reveals perfect integrity. Any national liberation struggle takes place when the inner spiritual aspirations of the people do not find the possibility of their realization, that is, going back to the analogy with the plant when there are any obstacles to its free and full development. Any nation fighting for its freedom is not rampant, but as long as there are obstacles and constraints that prevent the disclosure of its creative qualities,. And as soon as the people become part of the national freedom struggle, rage simmers in it. But this freedom is not identical to political and economic autonomy. This refers first and foremost to the free and active work of the national spirit. Legal and formal sovereignty in this case is important as much as the political and economic dependence suppressed nation. If the relationship with neighboring formations lined up perfectly, and this interaction does not prevent the national consciousness, then all unions and associations have a right to exist. Personalisation – not detrimental phenomenon is believed to be chauvinists, it is a necessary stage in the formation of any developed nation.

The ideologists of Eurasianism presented his idea almost as salvation for all the world as the absolute antithesis of Western universalism. Although in fact it is exactly the same universalism, only aziopskim bias. Both of these distortions need to be overcome, but this is not possible through mere Eurocentric ideas. Traditional Christian Europe is the only one of the stages of the the development of civilization, with a comparatively late. This period of the nation as such, i.e., the era of confrontation and the countless wars of national liberation,,. The climax and conclusion of traditional Europe are, as you know, already massive imperialist military conflicts. The idea, based on a comparatively narrow historical period with conflict and uncoupling, is unlikely to be uniting. No matter how we interpreted the term “Eurocentrism”, he assumes a priori zapadnotsentrizm, ie emphasis on the role of the advanced Western nations and states. This is quite natural, because it is Western Europe at the end of the era of the Christian traditionalism becomes the center of civilization, opening the world all kinds of science, art and rational philosophical doctrines.

East European Russia with such views inevitably relegated to the periphery of Europeanism, which itself in any form can not be accepted, not only by an absolute majority of the Russian people, but also many Ukrainians and Belarusians. But this is not explained by the fact that the Russian people is alien to the European traditionalism, because they supposedly are semi Asians. The point here is situation is diametrically opposite. Russia – this is not the Asian periphery of Europeanism, and the direct heir praindoevropeystva, ie she keeps the memory of a much more ancient human white state – the state of original unity. No Christian or ancient Europe, and that the ancient Aryan community is the embryo of the modern global civilization.

Praindoevropeystvo, during its natural evolution breaks, branches grow out of it, which later form new centers of civilization and new cultural centers. Different branches of the ancient Aryan developed a different quality of the original spirit. Aryan migration westward forms the European nations that have succeeded in the development of material culture and rational world discernment. The south-eastern branch of the Aryan migration remains a spiritual basis, focuses on the irrational aspects and meditative practices, and creates supermassive religious systems. But the original PIE area, which now bears the name Rus, does not create anything new. Moreover, Russia does not experience excessive zeal in the internal development of any narrow qualities of the primordial Aryan mentality. For this reason, there is an impression of its archaic failure to progress. But the task of Russia is not in progress, and in the preservation of the original and harmonious human nature, spiritual and physical purity of the white men and the plenitude or the potential for universal unity, to which the nations would inevitably come back after overcoming the era of total separation.

Russia keeps a deep memory of the ancient Aryan community, and its internal goal setting becomes an awesome desire to return to the original pristine wholeness and order, which is ideal and perfect in terms of universal truths. But this return to the embryo or pleromnomu of ancient Aryan is is naturally no longer possible; for thousands of years, we, we have grown new peoples and new nations with other “specialized” identities. Therefore, the new unity should not be chauvinistic, but rather rather the unity of the developed nations, i.e., the union of peoples, which which once emerged from the Aryan community, has created its own culture and built its own state.

Most of Russia – is “Aryan Expanse”, the beginning of universal enlightenment. Last enclave, which if not eager to material progress, but it perpetually retains the right time reveals the ancient instincts of self-consciousness. The meaning of the Trinity of its peoples is that this awakening is not local but global and multi-vector. At a certain stage of evolution is broken not only ancient Aryan community, but Russia itself. It allocated the nations, each of which is specific and different from the others in certain qualities of the national mentality. Ukrainian vector reveals the spirit of freedom, liberty and democracy, the military, and in our time it is made in a pan-European concept. Cossack Russia – is mandatory, and it is a familiar component of the general idea, it keeps the specifics of the ancient Russian state, arranged on the basis of harmonious social order. Kievan Rus – a cultural rudiment within the Russia, which combines both democratic and autocratic principles. Every citizen and every representative of the people – a full member of social life. The authoritarian power of the ruler is always in agreement with the consolidated will of the general public. The ideal of the Ukrainian state is a perfect blend of local democracy with an elected authoritarian leader. The Cossack freemen leader – not a dictator, and authority, his power is not based on coercion and to respect for his person.

This may seem utopian, but the whole idea of ​​Russia is seen folly and utopia for those who are looking at it in fragments – one of the components in isolation. The fact that described the ideal of a Russian state is unattainable without an ideal of the Ukrainian state. This two vectors of the general idea, but in both cases the ideal is achieved only in interaction with each other. Ukrainian wrestler in isolation from authoritarianism in Moscow turns into a farce and a bunch bazaar where everyone insists on his own, and the emergence of a single leader in these conditions is impossible. Similarly, the autocratic Muscovy without sample Ukrainian freedoms makes his slave population mass. People, rather than rise to similarity with the ideal ruler, endeavor to perceive his creative qualities, beginning to kowtow to any moral nonentity, but in this case – the powers that be. Lizoblyudstvo become a norm of life and respect for rank, instead of the ideal personal honor. Worthy leaders of which grow and ideal ruler, in conditions of total hypocrisy and servility do not appear, in principle, because the dignity of the individual in such a society is not held in high esteem.

White imperialism, militancy, aesthetics matter in reproducing order of mind, wisdom and harmony with nature, the importance of human rights, freedom of his consciousness, equivalent status and integrity of the individual, integrity and spirit cosmic or universal laws – are key aspects of the ancient Aryan. No modern white nation keeps a set of them. Even a single Rus divides itself into separate descendants, so that they have reproduced its properties with a maximum completeness. But reaching a peak, people return to wholeness. Returned developed and self-sufficient, which gained their national bodies and faces have become collective personality. New sverhedinstvo – an alliance of ravnodostoynyh, prove their right to national I fought for it for centuries and managed to defeat the oppressors, even if at times they were the oppressors for each other. In the struggle is our whole life. At the end of her life, this does not stop, but the struggle to a new level, against a larger enemy, the application must be consolidated when the will of all individuals, pooling their properties into a single over the will.

Most of Russia – will start consolidating excess. Each of the peoples of Russia is doing its job, in my direction. These works may be conflicts in relation to each other, but contradictions arise only in order to be allowed to continue not to express themselves. Coming Empire of the Spirit is not required to have a clear state borders, because it is the ideological and civilizational unity – unity consolidated Aryan consciousness rather than economics or politics. The practical sphere of life adjusted to the desires of the Spirit, regulatory unions formalized in the form in which it will be comfortable for the nations.

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