The war began (double bottom “Christmas riot”)

The war began (double bottom “Christmas riot”)

The whole world is watching with indignation scandal of audacious attacks on European women that have happened in recent days. Unfortunately, most Europeans do not understand what exactly happened that terrible day.

Even the “politically incorrect” statements of politicians and the media are usually limited to calls to recognize the link violence with immigration issues or, in extreme cases, ascertain the appearance of “a radically new forms of organized crime.” But in reality things are much worse. Let’s look at the events through the eyes of the attackers themselves or their co-religionists and tribesmen. From the point of view of Islamic culture, like any traditional, including European, in its normal form, abuse of women is much more terrible act of aggression than bodily injury or even murder of her husband. A self-respecting head of the Muslim family to forgive, under certain circumstances, even a murderer’s son, but not the daughter of the rapist. If he does not react to it and does not try to restore justice, it will simply not be considered not only a man, but a man. In fact, payback for the culprit can only be death.

Even during the war the massive abuse of women was considered an act of the enemy is much more brutal and humiliating than, for example, the murder of men from the civilian population.It should be added that the fact of rape at that time there were only two, while the expense of attacks in the hundreds. But that’s the problem, that the Muslim point of view of abuse of women may not end with rape. Enough feeling or open nakedness. To her family and the community to which belongs to a woman, it is no less a disgrace.
Hence, to Muslims what happened is an act of abuse and humiliation as the European Community. In fact, in their view, the only way to “regain the face” for the local could be perhaps the massacre perpetrators. Even mass deportation, does not involve bloodshed and would not be perceived as an adequate response. But the fact of the matter is that even a parody of revenge will not. From a formal point of view, there were acts of hooliganism or petty robbery. Even if the “terrible calls to punish the guilty” realize, it will be a short-term detention. Adequate consciousness migrants retaliation contemporary Western justice does not provide at all.

And now the fun begins …First, the attackers were well organized and operated on a clear plan. They deliberately attacked the women and it was clearly oriented to the victims of abuse against women is like. It was not certain excesses dilute European men beating and arson. No, it’s been well thought out actions, which were of great symbolic significance.

Second, only two of rape … Why are they restrained themselves? In the chaos of the riots could happen dozens of rapes. In addition, the likelihood of prosecution of rapists particular was extremely small. Another thing is that the public mass rape could provoke a much more severe reaction of the population and make the top of the anti-national act, or at least portray the actions … Besides, would appoint a “scapegoat” for someone of casual workers and to solder it to the max . But why a crowd of street criminals acted shrewdly?

Third, as noted above, even the tough actions of the local authorities may restrict a minor punishment of individual offenders. From the perspective of the migrant horde it’s not even funny. They can not believe after that their own omnipotence and impunity. Just can not all – the specificity of the cultural code. And put them in place a modern democratic system can not, in principle, …

One gets the impression that it is a well-planned action, which consists of several components:
1) Make sure immigrants and other “too European” in that it already belongs to Europe and the enemies (ie Europeans) psychologically broken. Europeans do not understand this through our own ethical degradation and disappearance of understanding concepts such as honor contemporary culture in principle …

2) Put the local authorities in a situation from which it can not get out, do not self-destruct. Complete paralysis and impotence are discussed in this case is not tactical mistakes of politicians or officials. The problem is degenerative cultural code which many generations impose on Europe and that it determines the socio-political system.

3) Indeed dislocate local population psychologically. Most of the population of Western Europe has been degraded to the level of a born victim. Now, among these victims will sow panic …All this indicates that we have before us a well-planned attack, which opens up a large-scale organized aggression against European civilization. But it seems that the Europeans are not only able to calculate the actions of the enemy (and he left more than one course), but also do not understand that the war started.


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