Why I did not know that about eyes?

Why I did not know that about eyes?
1. If you write with his right hand, then you chew too often on the right side if you are left-handed, and you prefer to chew on the left side of the jaw.
2. If a person looks at something pleasing, his pupil can be increased by 45%.
3. The average person quits smoking, starts to sleep for an hour or less.
4. If you suddenly very thirsty perehotelos drink, do so you need to be sure, since the severe dehydration in the human body thirst mechanism is simply turned off.
5. Chewing gum – the best remedy against tears when you are cleaning or cutting onions.
6. Your Language hot pink if you are healthy, but if it is white – this is the first sign that you are attacked by bacteria.
7. The company’s motto Mercedes-Benz “Das Beste oder Nichts”, which means “the best or nothing.”
8. The Titanic was the first ship that sent the signal SOS (Save Our Souls – Save Our Souls).
9. Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system. Six-year children laugh on average 300 times a day. In adults, the rate is much lower: from 15 to 100 times per day.
10. The noise of the sea, we hear, putting shell to your ear – not the roar of the ocean, and the sound of the running in the ear vein blood.
11. Dalmatians are born without spots.
12. Bats always turn left, flying out of the cave.
13. In 1938 the magazine “Time” chose Adolf Hitler’s man of the year.
14. Men’s shirt fastened to the right side, and women on the left.
15. Owl – the only bird that lowers the upper eyelid blinking: the bird for the rest of the lower lift.
16. The reason that honey is very well absorbed by the body, lies in the fact that he had already digested by bees.
17. Rooster can crow without craning their necks.
18. The blue color has a calming effect. It causes the brain to special hormones that are responsible for peace of mind.
19. Every time you sneeze some of your brain cells die.
20. The left lung in humans is less than the right, as it must leave room for the heart.
21. It is not unusual that in a mammal, such as a giraffe, seven cervical vertebrae, it is interesting as the fact that a person of the same.
22. When you blush blush walls of your stomach with you.
23. When a hippo is upset, his sweat turns red.
24. The first bike «Harley Davidson» was built in 1903 as a carburetor used tin from the tomatoes.
25. Leo, whose roar we see in the intro film company MGM, called waves.

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